Six cartoon absorbent wood pulp cotton compressed sponge rubbed with water to become large dishcloth non-stick oil sponge brush pot bowl utensils

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Product name: Cartoon sponge white cleaning cloth Composition: wood pulp cotton Color: two ducklings+two dinosaurs+two rabbits Product size: 8 * 6cm Miraculous wood pulp cotton changes, and becomes dry and hard when dehydrated. The water absorbing state expands, soft and elastic. Once dried, it is not sticky and has no peculiar smell. The wood pulp cotton in dehydrated state will easily become dry and hard without losing vitality of bacteria in humid environment. Wipe it clean immediately, effectively remove dirt, wipe it clean immediately, effectively remove dirt, and can absorb oil without fear of oil, effectively clean dirt. The oil dirt will naturally separate when it meets water, and it is easy to clean quickly and quickly

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