Small Hot Water Bottle Bag for Hot & Cold Compress with Cover,Microwave Heating Soft Environment-Friendly Silicone for Babies Kids,Mini Hot Wate

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-Made of food grade silicone with knit cover:This microwave heating bottle is made of food grade silicone that is soft and durable, BPA free and FDA approval. It can withstand low temperatures of minus 20 degrees and high temperatures of 120 degrees. It is dustproof, reusable, washable. But please do not use boil water or strongly corrosive liquid to wash the bottle. – Heating in microwave oven: This silicone hot water bag can be heated in microwave oven with full cold water and it can be heated repeatedly. However for safe heating, please make sure to fill cold water fully and do not heat with knit. You should heat the bottle in less than 3 minutes. The microwave heating power must be less than 800W. And do not use light wave mode of microwave oven to heat it. If there is swelling during heating, stop heating immediately, do not open microwave immediately. -Directly use with hot water or ice water:The hot water bottle can inject 80°C hot water about 75% of the bottle to use it for hot

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