Storage Bag no Pumping Household Cotton Quilt Clothing Vacuum Compression Bag, 56X80CM

198,00 kr.

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Powerful players in the storage industry, no pumping, save more space. No pumping tools, thickened cotton quilt is flat once pressed, efficiently compress one bag to solve the problem. Wardrobe slimming releases 75% space. The secret of rapid exhaust without pump comes from the one-way counterflow valve without cover. When exhausting, the air in the bag rushes out of the valve and rapidly exhausts out. When sealing, the air pressure squeezes the valve inward to tightly seal the air port. Multi-scenario use: wardrobe storage, easy to hold after compression, very space-saving/bed bottom storage, under-bed storage, seasonal quilt can also be easily stored/travel storage, a bag in hand, go as soon as you say/doll storage, let the doll live in large compartment.

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