THSINDE Dog Reflective Compression Sleeves Elbow Protector Wth Bandage Wrap Heals Sprains Black-M

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Features: 1: Leg brace sheath can heal pain caused by injury or surgery. 2: Provides support and stability during injury. 3: Help them relax inflammation. 4: Helps treat the loss of stability caused by arthritis. use: 1. Great for wrapping the legs to cover cuts and wounds. Simply wrap the wound and wrap it with our support dog leg wraps to prevent dogs from licking and chewing. 2. Your dog can get a lot of damage from knee injuries as it jumps all the way to the fence or garden to get hurt. If the dog suffers from these injuries, it needs to One of these dog shin guards. . 3. Provide maximum support and stability. Helps with: Stable hock joint arthritis after fatigue injury Supports any post-operative strain 4. Take care to remove the sheath 2-3 times a day and let the legs breathe at night. Leg circumference 16-20 Foot circumference 14-18 Foot height 13 Total height 35 16-30 catties

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