Thsinde leg Warmer Stretchable Knee Pad Knee Thigh Protector,knee Compression Pad Thick Support Protector For Sport Basketball Volleyball Footbal

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Material: High Quality soft and elastic polyester fabric, breathable and durable Optimizes blood circulation, recovery after exercise and healing Very popular among professional and amateur athletes, especially when playing basketball Anti-slip silicone straps: produce some friction with the skin and attach to the legs to prevent falls. Quick-drying sweat technology: absorbs and evaporates sweat quickly, which can maintain body temperature during exercise and will not cause functional decline due to washing. Hexagonal Shock Absorbing Spacers: Absorb and disperse the impact force generated upon impact, reducing muscle and bone damage. Technology Directional Compression: Lycra fabric has strong compressive strength, which can maintain muscle excitement and shape the body during exercise. product: length 29 cm, thigh circumference 34 cm, calf circumference 32 cm. Suggested purchases: height 180 cm and weight 58-72 kg. Product color: black Quantity delivered: one pair

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