Thsinde – Neck Shoulder Heating Shawl ,Moxibustion Hot Compress Shoulder Warmer Hot Therapy Heated Shoulder Wrap Pad,Electric Heating Pad

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Soothing Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulder: Filled with organic seed, our weighted neck and shoulder wrap is an incredible worker for those who suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, effectively helps relieve muscle stiffness, soreness, cramps, strains, inflammation by delivering deep, penetrating moist heat, and reduces swelling, soothe sprains and tissue injuries. Ergonomic Design for Effectiveness: Designed with high collar, wide shoulder, and big back cover, our shoulder heating pad conforms to the body perfectly, giving you full coverage to the neck, shoulder, and upper back to achieve maximum comfort. The long chest cover helps secure the heating pad microwavable without sliding down. Unique horizontal channeled stitching with abundant herb-filled delivers more even and long-lasting calming heat for instant pain relief and relaxation. Plush Double-side Fabric with Natural Herb: This warmer allows you to enjoy two levels of soothing warmth: one side made of

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