TNC Male Compression Crimp Connector RG58 Coaxial Cable Radio Antenna WiFi DAB

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TNC Male Crimp Connector – 3 Piece for RG58 PLEASE NOTE – This listing is for 1x crimp connector, multiple quantities can be purchased if required. Overview – This connector can be crimped on to a suitable cable with a crimp tool to provide a connection to TNC equipment. We stock an RG59/RG58 compression crimp tool perfect for this type of connector, please search our shop or get in touch for more details. Suitable for the following cable; RG58, RG141, URM43, URM76, Belden 9907 If you don’t know what type of coaxial cable you have, this connector will crimp to coaxial cable with an outer diameter of 5.3mm or less. If your coaxial cable is wider than this, please search through our shop for ‘RG59 crimp connector’. Excellent Standard of Manufacture – Precision manufactured with locking gold centre pin (when inserted). Peace of Mind – RoHS compliant

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