Ultra Light Inflatable Travel/Camping Pillow Manual Pressure Compact Compressible Inflatable Ergonomic Neck Lumbar Support Pillow Camping Pillow for

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Color as shown Size: 1*1cm Weight: 10g [water pump; integrated air, air press; Hand to inflate]: Even manual pressure is enough for the pillow to expand. Simply press the pillow with your hand to make it explode. When you’re done, you can simply use the quick-deflation feature to deflate the pillow and quickly deflate within seconds of use. The traditional method of inflating the pillow by blowing out the air. the mouth is plump, and it’s also healthier. [Easy-to-use, foldable design, the size of an apple] Portable, very convenient to carry. Hang the bag back, you can go cycling and camping and travel by plane, hiking, backpacking. back. [NECK AND SPINE SUPPORT] Say goodbye to stiff neck and back pain with an ergonomic pillow that supports the natural curve of your spine! This inflatable comfort pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions. According to the ergonomic design seeking comfort, the neck support is reinforced. You can support your head and back well and sleep comfortably

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