Unisex Arthritis Gloves Half Finger Gloves Compression Touch Screen Winter(s) (Grey)

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Unisex Arthritis Gloves Half Finger Gloves Compression Touch ScreenWinter(S)(Gray)Product is shipped based on color or size of the main product page image Color:GraySize:SDescription:Use arthritis therapy compression gloves for hand fatigue, cold hands and other types of hand and wrist pain Helps keep hands warm and provides light compression improving blood circulation reducing swelling and stiffness Suggested by an orthopedic surgeon Best for: Everyday Activity/ Sports/ Cold Hands/ Swollen Hands/ Stiff Hands/ Mild Arthritis Features:1 Dramatically relieves pain and aches by increasing blood circulation2 Ideal for those who suffer from joint inflammation and pain3 Helps heal and relieve pain pain4 Fingers are free for knitting, crocheting, typing and other tasks5 Convenient and comfortable to wear6
Helps reduce swelling and pain inner last layer helps retain heat and warmth7 Lightweight washable material content: 88% cotton, 12% spandex To find your size, place a

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