Unisex Compression Gloves Touch Screen Gloves

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Description: 1. Fingerless, lightweight design won’t get in the way of everyday activities. 2. Relieve arthritis, muscle and joint pain by reducing pressure on the pressure point. 3. Help relieve arthritis, hand pain and swelling and cold hands. Provide moderate compression to improve circulation. With your open finger, you can touch, feel and grasp freely. Cotton can breathe the skin. Comfortable all day. Perform daily tasks such as using pH, typing, cooking, rituals, sewing, etc. 4. Type: Gloves 5. Material:Cotton+SpandexFeature:1.S:7.5cm(suitable for hand circumference 14-18cm)2.m:8cm(suitable for hand circumference 18-19.5cm)3. L: 8.5cm (suitable for hand circumference 19.5 -21.5cm) 4. Color: GrayPackage includes: 1 pair of gloves

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