Water Separator Expansion Valve Compressed Air Regulator for Air Compressor, with Metal Screen, 3/8 Inch Filter

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Air inlet: 9.53mm (3/8″), rated flow: 2000l/min Copper drain interface + copper filter element–Longer life (manual drainage) Detachable metal shield–firm and protected.Made of aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant, anti-fall, more stable and durable Precision filter 5μm Copper core–better quality than traditional models, filtration is more efficient. Widely used in: metallurgical electromechanical, construction machinery, transportation equipment, household appliances, light industry, machinery- tools, medical automated production and other industries Product Description Product Description: This air compressor regulator is very effective in controlling pressure in order to remove water and particles from the air. You can also change the pressure of the gas line within the specified range using the vol ant. It is very convenient to use and easy to use. Specification: Pressure gauge measurement range: 0-10 bar. The working pressure of the air compressor should be less than 10 bar. Air

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