Water Separator Pressure Reducer Compressed Air Regulator for Air Compressor, 3/8 inch Filter and Oil Mist with Cup Cover (3/8inch)

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Pressure Regulator Water Separator Compressed Air Regulator for Compressed Air Compressor 3/8″ Filter and Oil Mist with Cup Cover 【 important! !】 1. The working pressure of the air compressor must be less than 10 bar. 2. It is normal for there to be oil in the oil mist cup. It can lubricate and protect the cylinder and prolong its service life. Air inlet: 9.5 mm (3/8″); Rated flow: 1700 l/min.

Copper drain interface + copper filter element – longer service life (manual drain) Precision pressure gauge with metal housing + removable metal plate – precise and high-quality pressure display. More stable and durable. Widely used in: metallurgical electromechanics, engineering machinery, transportation equipment, household appliances, light industry, machine tools, metal production medical automation and other industries

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