Wireless Leg Massager for Circulation Electric Heated Air Compressions Calf Massager Rechargeable with 3 Modes 2 Intensities 2-Level Temperature

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Air compressions leg massager, supports multi-frequency vibrations and hot compress, effectively relieves leg pain, relaxes muscles and promotes bloods circulation. Various modes and intensities are adjustable to provide you with different massage experiences. Wireless design, more convenient to use. Features: Electric leg massager adopts air pressure massage, multi-frequency vibrations, effectively relieves leg fatigue/pain, relaxes leg muscles, and promotes bloods circulation. Supports 3 massage modes and 2 intensities, and 2 adjustable heating temperatures, providing different massage experiences according to your needs. Made of high-quality fabrics, comfortable and skin-friendly, nice breathability, not stuffy to use. It is fixed with adhesive fasteners, wrapped in 360°, and the size is adjustable. Each massager is equipped with a 2500mAh battery, free from the shackles of wires, lightweight and portable, perfect for use when going out or traveling. This calf massager is perfect

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