Wisdom Tooth Ice Pack Ice Gel Bag Reusable Hot and Cold Compress for Jaw Face Head and Chin, 4 Gel Packs

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Quick Mouth Pain Relief – NEWGO’s Wisdom Tooth Ice Pack fits your face with a stretchable wrap and cools your mouth with water drop gel packs. With cooling method physical, to save you from the unbearable pain of wisdom teeth. It can also be used for oral or temporomandibular joint pain, cosmetic injections, dental surgery and so on. 4 Interchangeable Inserts – Contains four interchangeable drop-shaped cooling packs. Only two are needed for each use, the other two can stay in the fridge and be easily replaced for longer the cooling time and achieve better cooling results. Comes with a resealable storage bag to keep odors out of the fridge. Hands Free Use – This jaw ice pack is equipped with blue pockets to hold the ice pack in place and provide extra safety. Adjustable velcro closure allows you to heal while doing your daily activities usual, without an ice pack on your face. Hot or Cold Therapy – Place the cooling gel pack in the freezer for 2 hours for cold therapy or warm it in the

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