Wrist and Thumb Support Braces, 1 Pair Breathable Arthritis Thumb Compression Gloves with Gel Pads for Thumb Pain Relief from Sprains, Tendonitis or

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Til butik

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Breathable: Made from spandex and nylon, the wrist support is super elastic and breathable, reduces sweat and skin irritation and is durable. Perfect wrist supports for relieving joint pain, tendonitis, wrist sprains. Size: One size (approx. 15 x 6.5cm / 5.9 x 2.56 inches). Stretch fit, can easily be worn under gloves, fits most hand types, but for larger hands you may find it a little too tight. Hand wash in warm water. Function: The thumb support splint with gel pad inside can promote blood circulation and joint pain relief, protect aching joints thumb and support the thumb, prevent thumb wrist damage, improve wrist strength, perfect for people with arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism, joint pain, hand injuries or strains and sprains of the wrist. Lightweight and soft: The light and soft splint supports and protects the pain points of the thumb with its silicone gel Pocket, enjoy soothing relief thanks to this pair of gel cushions for hands snug. golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball,

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